The Benefits of Serif Fonts on Business Cards

When you are about to get a batch of business cards made that are made out of a specific kind of materials such as paper or perhaps metal, it would be a good idea to run through the various options you have in terms of fonts and their availability to you in general. For the most part you should go for a serif font, and we are here to tell you why serif fonts are so often preferred in the world of business cards in general.

One of the benefits of a serif font is that it makes you look like a serious person who would be able to handle pretty much any task that the company would throw your way. Your clients want to interact with someone professional, and if the font that you have on your metal cards is a little too cute then it might just give your clients the impression that you don’t take the kind of work that you are doing all that seriously which could potentially end up making them think that they would not want to work with you since they would want someone serious to handle all of their responsibilities.

A serif font will present you to your clients in the proper manner. There are a lot of different serif options available, but one option that you should avoid is Times New Roman, and this is because of the fact that this is a very common font that is used in a lot of different places and it will make your card look cheap if you end up getting it. Go for something a little less known like Helvetica and you will end up going quite a long way all in all.