The 5 Best Film Scores of All Time

A score in a movie can make a lot of difference. Considering how it is created by the direct and composer in tandem, it can set the tone for the entirety of the movie. Just ask yourself, would The Dark Knight feel the same without Hans Zimmer’s haunting Dark Knight Medley playing along with it. It would not.

An amazing score is nothing short of an artistic masterpiece, and while it surely helps in projecting the vision the director had, it does more than just that and becomes a great piece of music on its own right.

Keeping that in mind, we decided to take a look at the best film scores of all time. There are a lot of movies around, so we are sticking to the one that we think is the best.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Fans of the movie can already tell just the amazing experience this movie was. But the movie was not just known for some of the amazing script writing and set pieces. The movie was also known for having one of the best scores by the composer Tan Dun who worked alongside the director Ang Lee and gave us one of the best scores we have heard in a long, long time in a movie.

The Yearning of the Sword by Tan Tun and Yo-Yo Ma was one of the best scores that we have ever heard.

Trouble Man

Another great movie with a perfect score is the Trouble Man. Sure, it might be a bit too told for the younger generation but for anyone who is in search for a movie that sets a great example as to how a good score can change a lot about the movie, this is the one to go for.

The Dark Knight Trilogy

I know this might seem like we are cheating, but ask anyone who has watched the trilogy, and if they have not experienced the cohesiveness in the score. Thanks to the genius of Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan, the entirety of the trilogy has one of the best scores in the modern day and all time.

The Pink Panther

Just think about the Pink Panther theme for a second and tell me that it is not the greatest original scores of all time? I know it sounds like an exaggeration but for a movie that was released back in the ’60s, the Pink Panther theme is ingenious. Henry Mancini is a genius.


Although it is not an old movie, Jackie has one of the best when it comes to being a movie, and having a great score. The score that accompanies the movie is among the best. It is every bit as good as Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Jackie Kennedy. If you want an example as to just how good the score is, just listen to Burial by Mica Levi, and you will get to know what we are talking about.