How to Keep Your Dog Off Your Couch

You probably look up to your warm and cozy couch to give you comfort after coming home from work or doing any chores. After working, you’d want to just lie down on it for a while to relax your muscles. You definitely don’t want to come in contact with any mud or hair or worse, encounter doggy smells when you’re just done cleaning the house.

Just as you find the couch comfortable and soft, your dog also prefers sitting on it instead of the cold hard floor. This is quite simple to understand. It isn’t very hard to keep your dog off the couch.

Just Make an Equally Comfortable Place For The Dog Too

Gather some old clothes and cushions or just anything soft and place it all together anywhere in the room so that your dog also has a soft and comfortable place to sink in after a long day of playing. There are also dog beds in the market that you can get for your dog. After the dog has its own soft corner, it probably won’t sit on your couch. Make it their habit by always showing them where to sit. This is how to keep your dog off your couch.

That might not be enough though. Since you’re not going to be around all the time, you can never know what your dog will be up to when you’re not around. you can also put dog gates around the living room so that it’s not able to enter. You can also put things lie aluminum foil or soda cans or just put the chairs upside down on the couch so that they get the idea that it’s not comfortable and won’t go there anymore.

The proper way would be to train them to never sit on the couch.