Mount Alvernia And Why You Need to Climb It

So, you like to travel, right? Have you ever thought to yourself as to why you enjoy traveling as much as you do? What draws you to a place? Is it the views? The people and their history? Maybe you travel to experience a specific thing that interests you, maybe you want to experience it all. Some people travel just to kill boredom as well. This is usually the point where we drop in a single notion that applies to everyone but when it comes to traveling, your reasons don’t matter, as long as you get a fulfilling experience.

Ultimately, a person’s life is as good as the experiences it’s full of. Taking trips to different places can be very rewarding experiences, but only if you explore these places completely. You can visit some of the world’s most beautiful places and not know how beautiful they are unless you actually put yourself out there and explore them completely. For instance, if you visit the Bahamas and not explore anything other than the beaches then you’ll miss out on some of the richest Caribbean cultural experiences.

Even if you travel for the view above all other things, you’ll at least need to find the best of perspectives. For instance, climbing atop Mount Alvernia, the highest point of the Bahamas is an experience that can reward you with a view of the entire Bahamian islands and at the same time, you’ll get to check out The Hermitage on Mount Alvernia.

The Hermitage on Mount Alvernia is an abandoned dwelling that was hand cared by Architect Father Jerome in stone. This monastery of sorts is one of the most well-known landmarks in the Bahamas and it’d be such a shame to not visit it.